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About Me


So this is the place where I have to talk about myself, and convince y’all that I got one hell of a blog right here, which is so totally worth your time.
Well, let’s see how that goes ….

So, my name (as you all know, because let’s face it: if you’re reading this than you’re most likely friends with me on Facebook…or my mother; but then again – she is friends with me on Facebook so yeah) is Eva and I have (mainly) created this blog for reasons as simple as … I want to pass a university module and this is the way to do that. However, it is interesting to mention (well, at least to me it is) that I have been thinking of starting something like that for many, many months (ok, it is actually years) now. So, here we go! I now have the perfect reason to stop saying “Oh, but who is ever gonna read that” and sit down and finally do it instead.

So, the module I am (really) hoping to pass by doing this (Dear Dr Grech, please forgive me for procrastinating so so so very much) is called Social Media in the 21st century and, apparently, blogs are still quite the hit, even in 2017! Who would have though, huh? Anyway …

This one is a personal blog, so I will be talking a whooooooole lot about myself (to all the girls out there: creating one of these little WordPress thingies is the best excuse to do that 😉 ) and mainly about my great, and not-so-great experiences with moving out of home to a whole new other country, facing the joys and pains of (university) life, friendships, relationships, …. yeah, you get where I’m going.

So, dear Facebook friends and Mom,
I really hope that you will enjoy my humble website and have some fun scrolling through the wonderfully weird things I have to share.

Peace and love 🙂